Love, Talent & Money: 3 ways to come to America

Posted by Camilo A. Espinosa, Esq. on April 12, 2021

3 ways into America Love, Talent and Money

If you’ve ever caught us on Instagram Live, you have probably heard us talk about Love, Talent and Money as the three most effective ways to come to the United States. Here, we will break down these areas in regards to immigration and how they can work for you. 

Let’s get to it!


Love. This refers to the green card that is obtained by marriage. It is a common method that many people are familiar with in regards to immigrating into the United States. However, there are still some common questions as to how it works.

The typical process looks like this:

American citizen marries a foreign national > American citizen petitions for spouse to become naturalized and/or come to the United States if they are still abroad > Couple begins immigration process consisting of USCIS interviews, biometrics, and other steps to prove an authentic marriage exists.


Talent. Talent applies to two types of visas: the work visa, also known as perm, and the H1-B.. Both are a step towards a green card that many professional foreign nationals look to obtain.

The typical process looks like this:

Person applies for a job based in the US > company agrees to sponsor applicant based on specific talent related to the position > application process begins (led by the employer).


Money. Paid paths to residency or citizenship exist thanks to a few visa programs, namely the investor visas, known as the E-2 or the EB-5 visa. An E-2 visa is an investor who wants to invest in the US without living here permanently. An EB-5 is a path to the green card with the intent of residency in America. Both of these paths are applicant led (as opposed to the Talent visas which are company driven), and require a substantial amount of documentation, evidence, and legal processes.

The typical process looks like this:

Foreign investor determines how much money they want to invest in the United States > Investor contacts an attorney > attorney helps investor compile evidence, documentation, and resources for visa application


Whether you are looking to come to the United States through love, talent, or money, you are in good hands with the experienced immigration attorneys at LOIGICA. We’ve worked extensively with all types of immigrant cases and are standing by to help your case.

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