Colombia Top Export: Transport and Infrastructure

Posted by Harry Tapias on May 3, 2013

159065597A few months ago speaking by phone with my father who lives in Medellin, Colombia, he explained that rain had just caused a mudslide which wiped away part of an important road in the city. What I found most interesting was that this was one of many mudslides he had recently mentioned that occurred in

his town and around Colombia. According to US Dept of Commerce report and the World Economic Forum, Colombia ranks 108 in road quality, and 109 in the quality of port infrastructure. While major cities like Bogota and Medellin can at least count on road infrastructure (albeit susceptible to mudslides), only 15 percent of the country's roads are paved according to the report. While Colombia’s mountainous terrain makes building infrastructure difficult, FARC and ELN guerrilla warfare also prevented investors and the government from improving infrastructure and private land. Today, Colombia’s improved stability and changing politics has reduced conflicts with these groups and the nation has kick-started an ambitious infrastructure program.

According to the US Dept of Commerce, the transportation and infrastructure sector needs the following:

  • Engineering and construction services
  • Bridge design services
  • Aeronautical infrastructure systems/equipment
  • Road Safety equipment
  • Railroad equipment

The 2012 US-Colombia Free Trade Agreement removed tariffs on 80% of US exports creating a savings of %7.4-%14.6 for American industrial exports.

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