Implementing a successful international trade strategy takes research, thorough planning, and coordination.

Posted by Camilo Espinosa on April 18, 2013

The time is perfect for you to begin exporting your goods to South America. The United States has continued its decades-long effort to increase economic integration through Latin America, and a new Free Trade Agreement was signed with the country of Colombia. This Free Trade Agreement will not only allow U.S. business to target their products to 45 million consumers, but it will also create new jobs in the U.S.

Latin America is one of the United States' fastest-growing export markets. The United States enjoys significant bilateral trading relationship with most of the countries in the region. The FreeTrade Agreement with Colombia will open doors for small and middle sized businesses to

export their goods into a new and exciting international market.

Additionally, it is necessary for U.S. businesses to expand beyond their border and look for different markets to target and sell their products. We live in an interconnected world. South Florida businesses need to look beyond the state of Florida for different markets, new buyers, and a multitude of business opportunities. We have thousands of small and middle size businesses located in South Florida that do not know about the enormous opportunities that exist by doing business in the countries of Colombia, Panama, Chile and Peru, among others.

The Free Trade Agreement will also create outside investments from global cities to invest in new growth of job creation in the South Florida area. The future is now! Contact international business lawyers at LOIGICA today to speak to an international law advisor on how to export your goods to Colombia and other parts of South America

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