Loigica Launches New Interactive Website

Posted by Harry Tapias on January 8, 2016

As a leading Miami Law firm, Loigica helps ensure small-to-medium-sized businesses have the strong legal support they need to function securely, efficiently, and smoothly in today’s high-tech world. Loigica recently revamped their website to make it not only exceptionally visitor-friendly, but also engaging and information-laded for both potential and established clients.


New, More Attention Grabbing Elements

An integral key in the plan to redesign the website was to ensure visitors were engaged with the website. The Loigica team developed the idea to enable moving elements in an effort to  feature the information most visitors would engage with. Visitors are depending upon Loigica for a variety of legal services, so fast and easy communication are critical to keeping businesses operating at optimum efficiency.


New Layout Provides Information at a Glance

When the marketing firm Rizen Inbound was tasked with the development of our new Loigica website, it was important to create a portal where clients and potential clients could find information on Miami’s legal environment. The home page alone features a synopsis of Logica's three main areas of focus:

  • Business
  • Immigration
  • Intellectual Property

All include icons that lead to a more detailed definition of each area. Links to the company’s blog, Twitter account, and email contact information are located on the bottom of the home page, where you can also subscribe to Logica's newsletter.

Intellectual Property Law

Easier Than Ever to Contact Loigica

The main goal of our new website was to provide our clients and visitors with a better overall experience online. The “contact us” link is easily seen at the top of the page as well as through every page on the site. One click takes you to a page where you can phone in a request, or submit a request by e-mail.  

Contact us page

Testimonials and Case Studies Provide References

Loigica, P.A.  provides plenty of testimonials from happy clients on our new website, as well as specific examples of how, as experienced attorneys, we have helped individuals with immigration, structure their business, and protect their intellectual property. The link to the blog page keeps clients up to date with the latest Loigica happenings, including success stories, new services, and new employees.

loigica testimonials

Website Encourages Interaction and Questions

All in all, our new website is an easy-to-navigate source for information on immigration, business, and intellectual property law by Miami’s premier law firm, Loigica, P.A. Our core values, team member backgrounds, and reputation with current clients offer some great insight to the caliber of firm we are. Through a variety of contact options, visitors to the Logica site can resolve problems any time of the day or night. We make sure our firm is always available to protect our client’s interests.

Loigica about us

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