Making the US-Colombian Free Trade Agreement Relevant to US Boutique Designers

Posted by Harry Tapias on April 7, 2013

Making the

US-Colombian Free Trade Agreement Relevant to US Boutique Designers

Prior to the 2012 US-Colombian free trade agreement (CFTA), American yarn and textile exporters were required to pay a duty to enter the Colombian market. Today, these products can export to Colombia duty-free and quota-free. This opportunity opens a large new market for boutique American fashion designers with US workshops. The CFTA rules of origins, however, can be difficult to navigate for small shops busy designing the next runway look. Here are three relevant opportunities for US designers seeking to export to Colombia duty-free:

1) CFTA recognizes textiles are in short supply: The CFTA recognizes that certain textile are in short supply around the world and are hard to source in the US or Colombia. It therefore provides a pre-qualified list of 18 fabrics and yarns from other countries that are eligible for duty-free treatment so long as they are assembled in the US or in Colombia. The list of fabrics include:

  • 100% polyester crushed panne velour fabric
  • Cuprammonium rayon filament
  • Yarn of combed cashmere
  • Ring spun single yarn of English yarn
  • 100% cotton, 4-thread twill weave


2) De Minis quantities of foreign material can qualify for duty-free treatment: Textiles or apparel goods containing material from a non-CFTA country can export duty-free if the total weight of the foreign material does not exceed 10% of the total weight of the textiles or apparel goods.

3) Duty free treatment for traditional folkloric goods:

Hand-loomed fabrics, handmade goods, traditional folklore handicraft goods, and traditional regional designs, such as those of native objects, landscapes, animals or people, are eligible for duty free treatment in Colombia or the US.

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