Obtaining an E-2 Visa: Investment Must Be Substantial. How Much to Invest?

Posted by Harry Tapias on October 25, 2013

E-visa and Miami Immigration Attorney

“Substantial Investment” is among the kamagra vs viagra various factors evaluated by the immigration officer when determining cialis vs viagra whether the investor qualifies for an E-2 visa. As discussed in our cialis generic previous blogs, the E-1 and E-2 are non-immigrant visas for commercial traders and investors who are actively doing or intend to do business in the US. Generally, these visas are granted for two-year periods and can be renewed periodically. Clients interested in E-2 visas usually ask “how much” must be invested in order to obtain an E-2 visa. The answer depends on whether the investment is “substantial.” According the US Department of State, the rule regarding the amount of the funds committed to the enterprise are intended to ensure the investor is unquestionably committed to the success of the business.

This commitment is determined by applying the “proportionality test” in evaluating the investment. The test weighs the amount of qualifying funds being invested, and the cost of undertaking the business. As an example, if the E-2 applicant intends to open a high-end car sales business, then the applicant must likely demonstrate that she is


investing a few million dollars. On the other hand, if investor intends to open a car-wash business, then the capital needed to meet the proportionality test is likely a tens of

thousands of dollars. The investment amount is “substantial” when it is sufficient to ensure the investor's commitment to the enterprise, and the amount supports the likelihood that the investor will successfully develop and direct the business.

The government does not provide a set dollar figure that qualifies as a “substantial investment.” Therefore, E-2 Visa candidates should speak to a lawyer to help evaluate their E-2 visa prospects.

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