Spain Approves New Law to Spur Entrepreneurial Activity and Investment

Posted by adrianabarba on June 12, 2013

Flag_of_Spain.svgThe objective of the recently approved law is to stimulate the creation of jobs in new companies, or those which are growing, and offer even more juridical protections for entrepreneurs. The law incorporates into the Spanish legal system a series of measures aimed to modernize and facilitate investment in Spain.

The law denominated “Ley de Emprendedores” (Entrepreneur’s law) offers stronger legal security for entrepreneurs interested on investing in Spain, and will allow for investors who make a significant financial investment or introduce business projects aimed at the general welfare to have a permanent residence permit.  The highlights of la Ley de Emprendedores are:

1)protections of limited liability for investors;

2) from now on the sales tax will only be charged to the entrepreneur once the sale transaction has been completed;

3)expanded advantages for reinvesting; incentives for entrepreneurs interested on partnering up with existing companies; new benefits on refinancing agreements; reduced start-up costs and fees;

4) a significant reduction of the bureaucracy;

5) and, measures that facilitate the credit worthiness of small or medium companies.

It is evident that the government in Spain is making an effort to encourage and support  entrepreneurial spirit by adopting all of these favorable measures for foreign investors. We are living a prime moment to make the most out of them. Spain is working hard to regain its economic strength and the benefits will be for those who take advantage of the many opportunities the country is currently


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